Dry painting booth – mod. CARBO

cabina verniciatura CS20cabina verniciatura CS21cabina verniciatura CS 9
cabina verniciatura CScabina verniciatura CS10cabina verniciatura CS11
cabina verniciatura CS12cabina verniciatura CS13cabina verniciatura CS 8
cabina verniciatura CS 7cabina verniciatura CS 6cabina verniciatura CS 5
cabina verniciatura CS 4Cabina a secco CS (8)Cabina a secco CS (7)
Cabina a secco CS (6)Cabina a secco CS (5)Cabina a secco CS (4)
Cabina a secco CS (3)Cabina a secco CS (2)Cabina a secco CS (1)
Independent dry painting booth with activated charcoals air filters.


Triple filtration

  • first filtering barrier made of cellular type cardboard filter
  • second filtering barrier made of paint-stop glass fiber filter Installed vertically to maximize filtering surface
  • third filtering barrier consisting of activated carbon cartridges fitted with protective filtering sleeve
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