Tecno Azzurra is a highly specialised producing company of various painting systems.

Investing many years in the most sophisticated research, today, Tecno Azzurra S.r.l. is in a position to supply top quality products, very efficient systems for environmental caring.

Modular systems studied for an easy installation and very low maintenance costs.

Tecno Azzurra S.r.l. is manufacturing various painting systems of different sizes, for manual spray painting, or, semiautomatic painting (not for vehicles painting as cars, lorries, buses etc.).

Painting systems suitable for industrial use: for furniture painting, wooden panels painting, chairs painting, doors painting, wooden profiles painting, windows painting, wooden and metal stairs painting, wooden floors painting, painting of wooden articles in general.

Painting of plastic parts or components, painting of metal parts or components.
For painting components or any other parts which can be positioned in front of the painting booth for spray painting.

Aspirating working stations for chemicals fumes in the various fields.